A Place To Put My Ponderings

This is the post excerpt.



Wow, this is cool. First blog post! Not to say this is my first blog, not by any stretch. In fact, I think it’s my third or fourth, which says an awful lot more about me than I’d probably like, but hey-ho.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for ages now, years even, but I’ve either started and gotten bored or forgotten what it was or where it was… I’m pretty sure I have a couple of random blogs floating around the depths of the internet. +10 stalker points if you can find them.

Sorry, I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Chlo. Yes, Chlo. We dropped the ‘e’ in early 2014 to try to pander to a cooler audience… or something. Really, I just know an awful lot of people called “Chloe” and it’s a pretty boring, generic name. Also, it doesn’t really suite me. “Chlo” suites me loads better! Chlo feels like Vans. Nice, soft, broken-in Vans that fit you just right and have molded to the exact shape of your foot. In comparison, Chloe feels like that pair of brogues you got because you wanted to seem sophisticated, but all they do is pinch your toes and give you blisters. Chlo is the pair of old, beaten up Doc’s that have been through Slam Dunk twice now and still seem eager to hit the mosh!

Essentially, Chlo is more me. And I’m trying to be more Chlo.

It’s things like that you can talk about on a blog. Little rambling thoughts that aren’t really of any consequence but if not put somewhere will go bouncing around my brain like a rubber ball loose in a squash court – not doing any real damage but causing a lot of distractions from the task at hand. I want to be able to talk at length about just how dick-hardeningly scrumptious my banana loaf is, and how I tried baking sweet potatoes last night and it turned out so badly. I also want to review films, talk about my dreams, discuss how America’s gun laws are almost as embarrassing as Nigel Farage’s lack of intestinal fortitude – the man’s backbone is about as non-existent as my six-pack – and other such topics of real-worldliness. I’m not going to promise any one topic, because one day I might decide to write a 3000 word essay on dragons – which I can only predict would be a work of pure genius – so don’t expect too much intelligence.

But I will say this: I am constantly craving a platform. Never does a day go by where I don’t have something buzzing around my mind that I want to talk about at length, and, being – like myself – in a real dry spell in the friendship department, one has to find somewhere to put the platitudinous drivel I can come out with. (Can you tell I’ve been using a thesaurus?)

Look forward to much nonsense, some of it thought out, most of it probably not, but all of it partially interesting.

Until then, my duckies,

Keep doing that awesome thing that you do, cause I love it, and I’ll catch you later.

Chlo  ^_^

Author: Entertainment Valu3

Hey! I'm Chlo. Lover of film, music, acting, musical theatre and climbing. I also have an ongoing and rather unhealthy relationship with Game Of Thrones and food, but don't we all?

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