New Year New… Something.


God almighty it’s been a while, hasn’t it? You’re probably thinking, the six people that read this, ‘Wow, Chlo! You must have been super busy these last couple of months!’

Well, yes and no. Lots of things have happened, but not enough for me to not have posted. Not at all. In fact. I’ve spent a long time doing nothing, putting off even simple things like the horrendous pile of laundry currently dwelling in not one but TWO ENORMOUS IKEA BAGS! That’s too much. Bad Chlo. That’s one thing I need to do this year.

I thought I’d bring it back by informing you of a few New Years Resolution type things that I’m going to try and probably keep.

Numero uno: Let’s Get Healthy!

Okay that was cringey. But basically, exactly that. I’m not unhealthy, per se, but I’m certainly not healthy. So this works in three parts:

  1. Eat right. This shall be achieved in the near future, as I’ll be moving out for the first time, buying and making my own food in my own kitchen with my own tools, so that’ll be so much easier to achieve. But I love cooking and making healthy food and eating healthy take away food and a lot of that isn’t convenient for me at the moment, so it being convenient will help a huge amount in making that a reality. We all know change is hard when it’s hard. Obvs.
  2. Exercise. I don’t do that. I probably should. But going running or going to the gym doesn’t work, so I’m going to start doing things I actually like doing. The rock climbing thing? LOVE IT! Gonna do that. Cause it’s mad fun, y’all. Also dancing. I love dancing, and I want to learn to ballroom dance, but when I started going last year, it was hard because I didn’t have anyone to go with so I found it hard to motivate myself and I quit after about three weeks. Now I have a boyfriend (I know, right, how?! I’ll tell you how, big ol’ net) who said he’d love to come with me, which is freaking awesome. So we’re gonna do that. He’s also going to come climbing with me so BONDING!! Yeah. Exercise Good for you, better when you enjoy it.
  3. Quit smoking. Ikr. Do people even still smoke these days?  Like, with their actual lungs? Well, I do, cause I’m old school. But it sucks. It smells bad and I don’t like waking up every morning with mad amounts of phlegm in my insides. That sucks. And it’s not too great for singing, shockingly. (I know, craaaaazy!) I’ve never smoked massive amounts, no more than about 10, maybe 15 a day, perhaps more if I drink but I don’t drink that regularly anyway, so it’s not a cutting down sort of thing. My boyfriend doesn’t smoke, which also helps because he’s never made me feel guilty or bad about it, but I just don’t smoke as much around him because instead of punctuating my day with cigarettes, when I’m with him we just eat or make mad jokes. I’ve got an e-cigarette vape thing, but the lady on the counter sold me the wrong strength so it just hurts to use right now, but my mum said that helps so I’m going to give that a go and hopefully by this time next year I’ll be nicotine free!! YAY!!

Numero dos: Interwebby things

So I haven’t blogged in a while. (duh) But I like doing it! I like having a place where I can put my thoughts on the world and my ideas and my weird ass poetry (posts to come) and my film reviews and everything that is entirely my own, that is not edited or changed by anyone else’s opinion, it’s just my ideas on internet paper.

I have trouble sometimes figuring out if my thoughts and ideas are my own, or just copied off someone else, and of course to some extent they are. We are not original, everything we are is just a mish-mash of all of our experiences (for more on this, see my Year 10 English speech on “Who Am I?”). But we can form original opinions on these things, I just struggle with that a lot. I often think my own opinion isn’t good or smart or witty enough, so I just borrow what other people have said instead of forming my own unique take on it. Having this blog allows me to form my own thoughts FROM other people’s, not taking them on as my own. Also, we all know this blog is hilarious so there’s no danger in anyone thinking I’m not laugh-out-loud-so-hard-the-dude-on-the-bus-turns-up-his-“totally-misunderstood”-generic-emo-shite-to-max funny.

Did you know I also have a YouTube Channel?! Well, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. In fact, I’d blame me. Wholeheartedly. Because I haven’t posted on there in about six months. Good job, Chlo. Again. I love YouTube. I think it’s such an excellent opportunity for people like me who love the sound of their own voice to amplify those melodic tones to the whole world, should they wish to hear it. Also, sarcasm doesn’t carry so well in text, as hard as I try. I’m going to put more music and vlogs and general video type things on my channel ( and try to build up a following of 600 subscribers by the summer. Let’s say, August. I feel like that’s an achievable goal. Just endless shameless plugging. And before anyone says anything, no, I don’t want to be Zoella. There are far more talented and interesting people in the internet (shocking, right) who have spent more time and effort honing their craft than she has. I’m not saying she’s not good at what she does, but there are LITERALLY THOUSANDS of Zoella wannabes out there, and I don’t want to be one of them. Because I’m funnier than she is. Let’s be honest.

YouTube. Blog. More of those things. Yes.

Numero tres: Reading

I actually love books. I love reading, I think it makes me smarter and I think different stories from different perspectives give you a broader perception of the world and help you understand individuals much better. I could say I’ll try the 50 book challenge, but I won’t. Because I’ll fail it. For now, I’m going to try and read all the books on my shelf, which is around 20ish, and see where I’m at then.

Also, as an avid writer, reading what other writers do helps so much, because you get to take from what other people have written, take their little nuances and intertwine them with your own to develop and become a proper good writer, instead of just an okay one.

Basically, reading’s awesome, let’s do more of those awesome things.

Numero cuatro: Visit New Places/Do Cultural Stuff

So this is, so far, going quite well. I recently downloaded AirBnB because I’m hip like that (BTW, once I’m super internet famous, I will take ALL the money in the world to spon the CRAP out of this app because I am currently, as the kids say, obsessed) and I have realised that in this internet day and age we live in so idly, it is very easy to go places.

First on my list is Paris. I have never been, it is very easy to get to from this England place in which I dwell, and I know more French than I do any other language so really it seems like the obvious choice. I would also like to go on some sort of walking holiday, which seems to be in the cars, and somewhere hot with my mother, who also likes lying on beaches doing bugger all. Maybe I’m being optimistic for three holidays, but quite frankly I don’t care because I’ll do as I please.

Along this vein of Paris, I did start learning French again at one point, but I stopped. Can’t recall why. French is fun and easy and also sounds really cool when you say French stuff to French people who actually understand what you’re saying. So I shall be doing more of that. I have downloaded a plethora of audio books from (again, spon me Amazon, when I’m famous, give me yo dolla #cashmoney), one of which is really really good. Maybe I’ll be partially fluent by next year. Who knows. Maybe I’ll still be shit. But it’s worth a try.

(Also, for those of you who don’t know, the numbers are in Spanish because I said so.)

Numero cinco: Adulting

As I mentioned before, I am moving out! At the end of this month, I shall be moving out of my mother’s abode and into my own lovely shiny house with said boyf and two friends. They are all very nice. But it does require me to be a sort of grown up about things. Paying my own rent and bills, sorting out a full time job, saving, getting a credit card, paying tax. All very grown up things. And, as you either know or have guessed by this point, I am neither grown up nor an adult in any sort of way. It all feels a bit like I’m pretending, but from what I’ve been told by actual adults, you only have to pretend enough to convince everyone else.

So to get started with this, I am going to get more organised, have some sort of filing system for my important things. I’m going to start saving (because, if I want to travel the world by Tuesday, I’m going to have to have some funding). Weekly shops, perhaps via that internet thing. All these things you associate with clever adults who do their taxes and what not. Also, I’m going to have to find someone who understands tax and get them to explain it to me because I don’t know shit. They should really teach that in schools.. but that’s another rant entirely. Essentially I need to take responsibility for my money and my life and my actions. Shouldn’t be too hard… Right?

I also need to pass my fucking theory test. I have failed that thing three times. Then I can actually pass my practical and get a car. That’d be awesome. Although that’s not a huge priority, I’d like it done this year. It does make life a hell of a lot easier. Obviously comes after sorting shit for the house and all that malarkey first, but by the end of the year, I’d quite like a shitty little car so I can take my dogs to the seaside. And also go to Asda.


So that’s my plan for this new year. Hopefully it won’t be as much of a dumpster fire as 2016 was, because that was just a hot mess.

Over the last year, a lot of very lovely things have happened to me, and I’ve had some pretty great experiences and met some amazing people. Thank you, for those who contributed in that. It’s been stellar. I’ve also learnt a lot about myself, and my abilities, and my weaknesses. Don’t knock self-discovery. It really is important.

Please feel free to comment on my resolutions, I like to think they’re achievable goals but you tell me what you think. If you’ve got advice on any of these things, do share. Sharing is caring. Although, if you don’t care, that’s alright as well. If you’ve got any resolutions, I’d love to hear what they are, as I’m running out of YouTubers I actually give a crap about who have posted videos about theirs, and it feels quite encouraging to hear about people bettering themselves.

For now, though, keep doing that awesome thing that you do, because I love it, and I’ll catch you later.



Author: Entertainment Valu3

Hey! I'm Chlo. Lover of film, music, acting, musical theatre and climbing. I also have an ongoing and rather unhealthy relationship with Game Of Thrones and food, but don't we all?

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