New Year New… Something.


God almighty it’s been a while, hasn’t it? You’re probably thinking, the six people that read this, ‘Wow, Chlo! You must have been super busy these last couple of months!’

Well, yes and no. Lots of things have happened, but not enough for me to not have posted. Not at all. In fact. I’ve spent a long time doing nothing, putting off even simple things like the horrendous pile of laundry currently dwelling in not one but TWO ENORMOUS IKEA BAGS! That’s too much. Bad Chlo. That’s one thing I need to do this year.

I thought I’d bring it back by informing you of a few New Years Resolution type things that I’m going to try and probably keep.

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Whiplash – First Impressions

*** DISCLAIMER*** Upon watching this film, I took to writing down my immediate thoughts. It is not, in any way, a review, but an insight to my thought processes when enjoying film. It is not edited, simply copied. I do encourage anyone wishing to watch the films I review to watch them for yourselves first. If you’re looking for reason to watch it, check out the 94% given by Rotten Tomatoes, or other reviewers. Please watch the film first. Otherwise the whole point of sharing opinions is lost, and you won’t truly appreciate what I have written. ***

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Film Is Life

I’m sure you can predict, the mind-readers among you, that this post is going to be about film. Well, +10 points, you got it.

I love film. I love watching films, talking about films, making films, seeing how films were made, learning about the different interpretations people have, all of it. I love it. And I think one of the main reasons that I love it is because film is all relative. Like everything else, your own experience and interpretation of film is just that: your own. No one can tell you you’ve watched it wrong or can’t enjoy it or don’t have the right to enjoy it, because you are the only person who has experienced it. But there are still running themes among those of us who take film to be a passion rather than something to distract their eyes for two hours that indicate a good film or a bad one, which are all based on opinion. The beauty of art is it is never the same for two people.

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Weekend At Jimmy’s

This weekend has been mental! Yes, the exclamation mark was necessary. It would be cheesy to say “there’s been highs and lows”, but I think sometimes it’s okay to be a little cheesy.

For those who don’t know – which is probably all of you – I’ve spent the weekend at Jimmy’s Harvest Festival with a bar staffing company. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, although I wouldn’t say I’ve had the best weekend ever. What I will say, though, is I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Adulting and Audiobooks.

Over the last weeks, as I’m sure you’re aware, I’ve been doing sweet f.a. with my time (although I have fit in quite a bit of cleaning here and there). I tried watching videos and reading books and even going outside – I know, it’s insane really – but haven’t found anything that’s suitably distracting from the silence that I can get things done, whilst actually taking something in at the same time.

After some trial and error, I finally figured it out: Audiobooks!

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I’m writing this about an hour after my last post, ‘Bored.’ was posted. I’m doing so because since that, a grand total of 7 people have read it. Or, to be slightly more realistic, looked at it briefly. I have had 44 views on all three of my posts and 31 visitors – I’m not exactly sure what the difference is there, I think it’s visitors to the home page or something, or maybe the same people came back a couple of times. On my YouTube channel, I have 346 subscribers, 2,458 views (yes, that’s what I said), 42 of which were on my latest video. My Twitter has 312 followers, my tumblr 225 and my Instagram has 194. I also have 252 friends on Facebook (which was originally somewhere in the thousands but I had an insane cull a few months ago after realising none of these people were actually relevant to my life anymore – although saying that I did delete some people who I’ve since reconnected with so if you think I’ve fucked up, soz bro!).

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