Silly things

I put pepper up my nose to try and make myself sneeze because I couldn’t get any sort of satisfaction from my ‘choo… and now my nostrils are burning slightly.

I don’t know why, but I seem to do really daft stuff more often than not. Sometimes I won’t leave my bed to go pee until I feel like my insides will soon be making a surprise appearance. I don’t know why I do it. The toilet is LITERALLY 9 STEPS AWAY FROM MY BED! And I still play an odd sort of urethra chicken with my piss. Ooh, it’s so tense! What’ll break first, my will or my bladder?

Can I just point out that this is not the first time I’ve put pepper up my nose… Yup.. This has happened a number of times.

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A Place To Put My Ponderings

This is the post excerpt.



Wow, this is cool. First blog post! Not to say this is my first blog, not by any stretch. In fact, I think it’s my third or fourth, which says an awful lot more about me than I’d probably like, but hey-ho.

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